Service d'Urologie, Paris XV
Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou /
Hôpital Necker
Renal Surgery
The Department of Urology, Georges Pompidou European Hospital (HEGP) and Necker Hospital, Paris France.

Introduction to renal surgery…

Since the first allogenic transplantation worldwide performed at Necker Hospital, in december 1952, our department has been constantly improving surgical techniques and standards of care to remain one of the leading teaching hospital in France regarding kidney surgery.

Currently, our activity covers the wide range of kidney diseases, from stone, through kidney cancer, to terminal renal failure.
Our center remains year after year, in the top 3 kidney transplant centers and the #1 in Paris (in terms of number of procedures).

Most importantly, our team played a major role in the onset of partial nephrectomy for the treatment in kidney cancer in the early 80’s. Because of our strong believe that preserving renal function was mandatory when treating kidney cancer, nephron-sparing surgery (conservative surgery for kidney cancer) has become the representative specialty of our department.
Nowadays, although underused worldwide due to its demanding feature, nephron-sparing surgery is recommended as the standard of care for the treatment of small renal tumors (Association Française d’Urologie, American Urological Association, European Association of Urology,etc.).
Therefore, we are proud to be among the numerous surgical and urological teams that participated to this revolution in the surgical treatment of localized kidney cancer.
Week after week, during our renowned kidney cancer board, one and only question stays as our signature query: is there any reason NOT to perform conservative surgery ?

Marc-Olivier TIMSIT, MD and Arnaud Méjean, MD,PhD

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