Service d'Urologie, Paris XV
Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou /
Hôpital Necker
Urology and Renal Surgery
Renal surgery is the corner stone of the department of Urology, HEGP-Necker, Paris, France.
It relates to kidney cancer surgery (either sporadic or hereditary syndroms), transplant surgery (from deceased of living donors), as well as surgical treatment of stone disease.
It is the result of a legacy, skills and collaborations.

The legacy comes from Professors J. Hamburger (nephrologist) and R. Couvelaire (former head of Urology at Necker hospital) who created the "Palais Du Rein," a visionary and practical realization of a hyper-day necessary structure devoted to the recognition of renal diseases and the empowerment of french teaching hospitals.

The skills are those of Nephrology, Transplantation, Interventional Radiology, Pathology, specialized Biochemistry and functional explorations with whom we work closely together.

Collaborations have become concrete in the form of weekly boards, video conferencing, data exchange, joint publications, research projects and everyday work with our colleagues from medical oncology and radiation medicine.

Pr Arnaud Méjean, MD, PhD
Head of Urology
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As most of the information regarding diseases and treatment options (consent forms, etc.) are in french, we focussed, in our english version, on the useful tips for an english speaking patient experiencing an urological disease/event in Paris.

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